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Improve Brain Function and Have More Energy by Eating Protein First Thing in the Morning

Your brain is your most important organ in your body and needs to be given the proper ingredients to perform at its best. Eating protein as the first thing you eat in the morning will keep your brain functioning at its best giving you more clarity stability and balance for the entire day.

Have you ever woken up a little late in the morning and had to do a bunch of things in the morning before you rush off to work? Maybe in that rushed time you had a brief moment to grab a bagel a doughnut or a granola bar. Then after a few hours or maybe just an hour you have a headache feel really irritated and grumpy, so you grab a cup of coffee or an energy drink to make you feel better than a few hours later you really hit a brick wall? It happens to a lot of people on a daily basis. This can be prevented by using one simple trick that has to do with the blood brain barrier.

Your brain's source of fuel is entirely glucose the form of sugar that is broken down from the foods we eat. The ideal long term glucose that is best for proper long term brain functioning comes from proteins. Beans legumes nuts are great sources of proteins first thing in the morning. The brain needs a lot of carbohydrates to function as the primary fuel of the brain comes from carbohydrates. But the first thing that crosses the blood brain barrier in the morning has a significant impact on your energy level for the day. The blood brain barrier is a force field that separates the brain and neural cells from the rest of the body's blood cells. This is here to protect the brain from bacterial and viral infections. So the first thing that you eat in the morning after breaking your fast from your night's sleep has a huge role in how the brain will function for the day. The proteins that cross the barrier as the first thing in the morning are crucial in giving your brain the proper fuel to produce the good chemicals that create your positive mood and concentration level. When you eat carbohydrates first thing in the morning it is kind of like injecting nitros oxide into your car's engine. It will give you a big spurt of energy followed by a complete crash. Protein's produce the chemicals that the brain needs to feel good. Norepinephrine and Dopamine and tyrosine are very important chemical that the brain needs to maintain a good working environment.

To keep your brain functioning at its optimal level for the entire day start the day off with protein. A protein smoothie, nuts, eggs lean meats are all great ways to have more energy and feel better throughout the day. It is very important that the first thing in the morning the very first thing that you eat in the morning is protein.

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