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Why Do a Cleanse? The Importance of Cleansing.

Why Cleanse?

-To clean out the pores of the intestinal lining
-Improve absorption rate of nutrients through that intestinal lining
-Clean the body filters (organs) that also become clogged from build
-Improve good to bad floral bacterial ratios in the gut
-Reduce free radical build up POP's

Let's face it, we all eat "processed foods" at one time or another. It's not all bad and as part of our lifestyle we do partake of its fast convenient resource. If you don't think you do, lets define "processed foods" for clarification:

Wikipedia has it defined as: ", is commercially prepared food designed for ease of consumption.[1] Products designated as convenience foods are often prepared food stuffs that can be sold as hot, ready-to-eat dishes; as room temperature, shelf-stable products; or as refrigerated or frozen products that require minimal preparation, typically just heating."

That "stuff" is what causes a buildup of our intestinal lining. That stuff is what also clogs our kidney's and livers up especially when it is the wrong "stuff".

Some Issues

A lot of cleanses go on for days, weeks and require you to eat no solids or fast for lengthy periods of time.. The body was not meant to work that way. Let's face it, we "FAST" every day when we go to bed and that is why we break that fast every morning with the most important meal of the day "Breakfast".

A Colleague of mine, Nathan DeTracy IBBF Pro pointed out other issues in a recent blog concerning these type of fasting /fruit juice cleanses . He wrote:

"Cleanses are known to be a time where you fast, or use only juices to increase antioxidants to rid the body of free radicals. The problem is with a fasting diet you are starving the body of the nutrients it needs to rebuild, repair and stay healthy. So the goal is to cleanse the body but in reality when missing building block such as amino acids and good lipids (protein and fat) you create more free radicals in the blood causing the body to work harder. This is counterproductive. The other popular cleanses use natural fruit juices. What are fruit juices? Sugar. When just sugar is present your insulin levels are all over the place. Body fat is then easily stored and again how is that healthy???"


I am a huge proponent of healthy eating as life style which includes blood type eating habits. Like in humans, foods also have blood type "antigens". So eating the right foods for your blood type limits what is called coagulation of your blood which leads to clotting (in a very slow methodical way) of your organs/filters. Reality is eating healthy eating the wrong foods may not be healthy for you as you think. But we all do it so just another reason why you need to cleanse.

So, to properly cleanse do not abstain from the essential the body needs which are Vitamins, Minerals, Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates, Water.

The cleanse we advocate includes all of the essential through proper dietary eating habits, utilizing a 10 day cleansing dietary system that gently scrubs the intestinal lining as well as organs while reducing an overabundance of bad bacteria and promoting the growth of a healthier floral bacterial count.

Understanding this process and its importance is key to healthy Cleansing

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About the Author

Ronald Lashley, Get Physically Fit LLC
Auburn, WA 98092

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