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Behaviors of the Best Health Club Salespeople

1. Winning Attitude. It all starts with you. If your attitude is not right, your prospect will not respond in the way you want them to. Your attitude determines everything. Your attitude decides your altitude.

2. Plan of action. The great ones all have a plan on how they want to get things done. No flying by the seat of their pants. They have studied their training materials… and practiced (over and over) their tour and membership presentation until it’s nearly second nature. They know and participate in their product.

3. They keep their pipeline full. They are good at prospecting and they have a strategy for lead generation and making appointments. The top health club salespeople have learned to embrace and enjoy prospecting. They don’t simply wait for the next walk-in.

4. They bring prospects up to their level of enthusiasm. What I mean by enthusiasm is passion, conviction and belief. They develop rapport with club prospects by asking questions and by using their voice, their gestures, and their posture when interacting with a health club guest.

5. They use a Needs Analysis and qualify their prospect. They find out exactly what the goals of the prospect are and why it’s important to them. They also work to remove any obstacles that might prevent someone from joining the club. They are friendly, they respect the prospect’s time and they don’t waste their time on things that aren’t productive.

6. They have integrity. This should be pretty straightforward….it means they are honest, and trustworthy. They do what they say and people believe and trust them.

7. They create desire. By understanding why their goals are important to them, they make prospects hungry for what they have to say and to join the health club. They find out what prospect’s hot spots are and they take them on an emotional journey, which results in the membership sale.

8. They understand and us a strategy to close the sale. They have sales techniques they use that involve questions based on the prospect’s needs and desires. They offer the prospect a simple choice at point of sale and avoid confusion.

9. They make it important to the prospect. Prospects will do whatever is important to them. The great sales reps make it this important. Prospect’s will only buy if they can justify doing it in their mind. The top health club salespeople give the prospect plenty of reasons to justify making the decision to buy.

10. They start a relationship. They don’t simply look at it as making a sale, they look at is starting a new relationship. They build friends and relationships… they get repeat business and renewals. They also get referrals to create new business for the health club.

Now, go take action!

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Jim Thomas, Jim Thomas' Fitness Management & Consulting
2221 Jusin Road #119-147
Flower Mound, TX 75028

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Need help finding a local health club or gym? Let us help match you to a club in your area.

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